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How do you calculate portfolio return forecasts?
First, we make forecasts on the performance of the individual stocks in your portfolio. Next, we simulate thousands of future possibilities for all of the stocks in a given portfolio (while preserving the correlation structure among all the stocks). Finally, based on the allocation of each stock in the portfolio, we compute the portfolio's projected future returns.

Does Portfolio Forecast depend on the Stock Valuation Model?
Only slightly. Our Valuation Model-based Mispricing variable is one of the many forecasting variables for a stock's future returns and probability assessments. Portfolio Forecast relies heavily on other predictors and a set of mathematical and econometric models.

Is Portfolio Forecast only useful to value investors?
No. Regardless of your stock-picking style, you'll find many tools on ValuEngine.com invaluable. Our Strategy Library and VE Benchmark Portfolios provide specifics on How to...best identify stocks that fit your preferences for risk and return. Day traders, momentum investors, market-leader investors, the "Don't label me!" investors, or whoever, can all benefit from the many ValueEngine System tools that were designed to meet your specific needs such as: Advanced Screening, Engine Rating Stocks and Portfolio Advisor etc.
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