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PAPERS: The ValuEngine Stock Valuation Model
The recent work of several Ivy League scholars provide the intellectual theory behind VE's Stock Valuation Model.

Leveling the Playing Field For Active ETF Managers, Blank, 2021.
download now (pdf, 115K)

Stock Valuation in Dynamic Economies
Bakshi, Chen, 2001.
download now (pdf, 873K)

A Generalized Earnings-Based Stock Valuation Model
Dong, Hirshleifer, 2004.
download now (pdf, 313K)

Stock Valuation and Investment Strategies
Chen, Dong, 2001.
download now (pdf, 449K)

Investing With a Stock Valuation Model
Chang, Chen and Dong, 1999.
download now (pdf, 1047K)

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