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By following the instructions in the "how-to" section, you should have a good working knowledge of the tools available to you in Some of the self explanatory sections like Multistock comparison, we've let you figure out on your own, but we felt the more complex functions like portfolio forecasting and the capital allocation feature of the portfolio advisor needed a bit of explanation.
To get the most out of the ValuEngine stock valuation model and forecasting tools, you should use them in a logical sequence. Let's review that here for a minute.
First develop an investment plan either by using our strategy library or looking at our benchmark portfolios for guidance as you write your own. Establish your time horizon for results, assess your risk tolerance level, and with that in mind select the investment return you would like to see.
Second select a stock that interests you and plug it into the single stock valuation page, and familiarize yourself with the criteria and predictive variables that drive the ValuEngine Stock Valuation Model.
Third using the specifications for stocks that meet your own investment criteria, go to our Advanced Screening section to get a list of stocks from which to construct your portfolio. Submit each stock to the stock valuation model for examination to make sure they suit your chosen strategy.
Fourth use the ValuEngine portfolio tools to construct your portfolio and allocate your capital across your list of stocks for optimal results. Use the portfolio forecast tool to double check that your portfolio is going to have the best chance to do what you want it to do.
Fifth, put your plan in action, and use our portfolio tracker to keep your stock list consistent with your portfolio objective.
With its absolutely unique and proprietary computer models and its econometric forecasting formulae, the complete ValuEngine system stands alone in the arcane world of stock valuation and market price forecasting. Its approach to the problem is completely quantitative and totally objective and is designed to enhance your probability of success in equity investing. Use it fully and you will soon see for yourself that simply has no equal.

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