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Use our portfolio tools
The ValuEngine portfolio tracking, optimization and forecasting tools are very powerful tools for increasing your chances of success in the market. The secret lies in the portfolio advisor's ability to allocate capital across the stocks in your portfolio in a way that will maximize your total return.
To get a feel for how it works, let's first take our sample portfolio for a test drive. When you click on the portfolio tab on the home page, the sample will display automatically in our portfolio tracking function.
Next, select portfolio advisor, and look over the sample allocation of capital in terms of the number of shares held of each stock in the list. You'll see that you have the means here to "edit" your portfolio by selling any shares you wish to liquidate at this point, but for now we'll make no changes. Go on to the next step.
Here you see a summary of the portfolio. Since we're making no changes at this point, we'll skip down to investment horizon. Select your time horizon here and then move to the all-important risk tolerance level and choose according to the level of icewater in your veins.
You can experiment a bit here by choosing various levels of risk tolerance and note how the allocation of capital changes. Let's start with "very aggressive" and work our way down. Note the changes in relationship between Chance of Gain and Chance of Loss as you moderate your risk tolerance. Note also the change in forecasted return for the time horizon you selected.
Once you have a feel for the system and have settled on your own time horizon and risk tolerance level, go back to the beginning and click "create new portfolio".
Name your portfolio, and then proceed to fill in your own list either from your existing portfolio or from the list you obtained through the Advanced Screening function. Enter each ticker symbol, the number of shares, a reasonable entry exit price e.g. INTC, 100 sh, entry exit of 30/80 and the commission charged by your broker, e.g. E-Trade at 19.95 per trade and select "buy".
Repeat this process until you have completed your list. Then, proceed to Portfolio Advisor as you did with the sample and set your time horizon and risk parameters and see what the advisor tells you.
Again, you can experiment, deleting less favored stocks and adding others until you have the mix you want that will provide the return you'd like to see. When you're satisfied, call your broker or pull up your online account and put your plan in action.
While the ValuEngine portfolio tools cannot completely eliminate risk, they will reduce it to manageable levels. Using our own unique portfolio advisor and forecasting econometric models will increase the probability of your success in the market. Enjoy!

Alan Smith is a financial journalist and businessman with over 25 years of hands-on experience in both equity and credit markets.His articles have appeared in several western newspapers and in online mortgage information sources. He lives in Stamford.
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